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A Cell Phone Jammer Is A Small Device

A Cell Phone Jammer Is A Small Device

Cell phone jammers are amazing tools that make it easier for you to keep cell phone signals from getting into a certain space. It’s a beneficial product but you’ll have to see that any jammer you have is safe and easy to manage. You need to find a model that’s able to work with all the coverage and protection needs that you deserve. It has to be easy to install too.

What Frequencies are covered?

You need to make sure any cell phone jammer you consider is capable of covering a large variety of frequencies. The purpose of a jammer is to target different mobile networks. Today there are many network options to choose from including Wi-Fi, CDMA, GSM and 3G networks. You need to see that a jammer can take care of all these networks in a variety of frequencies.

If you can find a model that can take care of newer 4G signals then that would be a real bonus. Still, not all models are able to work with this setup in mind.

What is the Antenna Reach?

Cell Phone Jammer Antennas

Cell Phone Jammer Antennas

You have to take a look at what you’re getting out of an antenna. The antenna reach for the device will relate to the total amount of space that the jammer can work in. Specifically, it is measured based on how much distance of a radius there is from where the jammer is and where the coverage area ends.

Sometimes a jammer may have a radius of about a hundred feet. This means that it will block signals of a hundred feet from any direction from the jammer. This is all based on the antenna reach and the strength of what’s used.

Be aware that you can’t just get a model that works for miles unless you’re in the law enforcement field. Police departments can legally get jammers that cover at least a mile of space from all directions.

How do you install it?

Today’s cell phone jammers are amazingly easy to install. You just have to plug in a unit to an appropriate power source and turn it on. The specific power source that you need might be a little larger than what most other appliances can require though.

Cell Phone Jammer With Directional Antenna

A Cell Phone Jammer With Directional Antennas

If you can find something that uses USB power by linking to a computer then that may be your best option as it will work with a lower amount of power and will generate its power through a computer that is already active. Meanwhile, some wall-mounted options may link to traditional outlets but the amount of energy required to get such a unique running might be high. Therefore, sticking with a USB-powered option that can be plugged into a computer should be a little easier to manage from an installation and energy-based perspective.

Don’t skip on quality if you’re going to find a good cell phone jammer. It’s easy to get such a device up and running in your home if you’re aware of what you’re going to do with it. It can be very powerful but it needs to work with a variety of different kinds of signals in mind and a good coverage space.

Your Relationship Is Not Going Anywhere... Dump Your Partner And Move On

Your Relationship Is Not Going Anywhere… Dump Your Partner And Move On

Love can be the most beautiful feeling every person can share with his or her special someone. However, there are also suitors who might have already exerted all his or her efforts of love yet you still do not want him or her close. The last chance is to dump him or her but how can you do this without causing too much pain?

For those who are in a relationship and just came the moment that you are already bored of your commitment that you just want to shut it down. How are you going to do this to the person you thought you would love forever?

Breakups are indeed the most painful moments for people who have been serious with their relationships. There would be long lonely days, bucketful of tears, and all heartbreaking emotional moments. However, there are times that breakups can be a good thing especially on those relationships that are no longer healthy and self-destructing for two lovers involved. The big challenge is on how to be creative in dumping someone.

Setting a Date to Introduce Her to another Man

Start Planning Your Next Move

Start Planning Your Next Move

This setup is a sarcastic way but still it shows concern to your soon to be ex girlfriend. You can invite her in a dinner date. Tell her to dress up in her most beautiful casual outfit because she will be experiencing moments of the night she will never forget. Do not forget to show respect to your ex girlfriend by introducing her to a decent man. Whatever your reason of cutting the relationship, you should still make her special even on the last day of your story.

Giving Him or Her Most Wanted Material Thing

Indeed, this might require you to spend some big cash but still it would be worth it because this would be the last time that you can show your love and respect for your relationship with that person. For you not to cause too much pain after telling him or her that you want a breakup, lend her the most wanted material thing you can give because this would trick his or her mind the happiness of receiving a goodbye gift.

Dump Your Suitor in a Traditional Way of Saying No

Creativity in dumping someone does not need too much preparation does not need to be time consuming. When you are already certain of your decision that you do not want that person to be part of your life, then there is nothing stopping you to dump that person instantly.

Simply Say NO!

Simply Say NO!

Why should you prolong his or her agony when you sure that he or she would never gain anything from you? That is the most creative thing that a person can do, no more delays, just say No! What it makes this move unique is that not all have the courage to do it because there are afraid to break someone’s expectations.

As long as you have a concrete reason why you are dumping someone, just making sure that you lessen the pain of what you are about to do still shows love and respect to that person and that could be the most creative breakup move you can do.

Acne Treatment- Lets Keep It Simple

Posted by Drew Goodmen

Do Not Touch It

If You Have Acne…Do Not Touch It

Acne is caused because of bacteria trapped in the clogged pores. The main reason for this is that when the sebaceous glands present in your epidermis layer of the skin produce excess sebum. The sebaceous glands are supposed to keep your skin lubricated. Your nose, chin and forehead have maximum sebaceous glands that can range from 2500 to as much as 5000 glands per every square inch. Therefore, when excess sebum is produced it blocks the pores and the bacteria can be stuck to it easily. Now once you know what causes acne, here are few tips on treating acne:

Do not touch it

It may be hard for you to do this but the truth is that the lesser you touch, sooner acne is going to go on its own. When you touch it, you can injure the acne and let bacteria interact with the wound making it more vulnerable. Therefore, sometimes it is just best to leave it at that.

Honey is a natural antiseptic

Try The Honey Acne Treatment

Try The Honey Acne Treatment

Honey has been used since centuries as one of the best and natural anti-septic. Use a sterilize cotton dipped in honey to apply on the acne and leave it for about 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water and do not apply any soap after that. Alternatively, mix honey with cinnamon powder to make a paste. Apply this paste on the acne gently and leave it overnight. Next morning wash it with cold water to see the acne mostly disappear or at least become less.

Lemon is anti-bacterial

Lemon has an acidic nature that not only acts as anti-bacterial but can also dry the excess oil from the acne. One of the easiest way to use lemon is just rub one-half of a freshly cut lemon on the acne gently. Alternatively, apply lemon juice on the skin using a cotton swab. Just like honey, you can also make a lemon paste with cinnamon powder to apply it on the acne.


Mint leaves acts as a sterilizing paste

If you have access to Mint leaves and Azadirachta Indica leaves, it can be an overnight way to get rid off the acne. Grind the leaves to make a slimy green paste and apply it on the acne. Leave it overnight and see the acne disappear the next day. Azadirachta Indica is also known as Neem popularly and if it is difficult to get then you can either take neem paste or just apply mint leaves paste on your face.

Papaya and milk face mask

Papaya and milk facemask work as a perfect combo for acne treatment. Mix one cup of milk and papaya to make a thick paste. Apply this on your face like a mask and leave the mask on your face until it starts drying. Once it is dry, wet a cotton swab and use it to remove the mask from the face. This should do the trick for acne.

Clean Face... Acne Free

Clean Face… Acne Free

If you have been successful in treating acne then it is also necessary to take necessary precautions so that it does not come back. Wash you face not more than two times a day using gentle cleanser only and not soap. Using soap makes the face more dry triggering the production of sebum. Therefore, wash your face with gentle cleansers and avoid touching your face too often.

Plan For Retirement Starting Today

Plan For Your Retirement Starting Now

One of the biggest challenges that most retired people face is managing the money so that it can help them for the rest of their lives. It is very easy to spend all you money in the first few years after retirement to be left with nothing. This leads to years of stress and suffering. Since it is possible to estimate the number of years that you are going to live after retirement, it is possible to manage finances to make sure that they last over the year that you expect to live. Here is how to avoid outliving your retirement savings:

1. Social security

If you don’t want to outlive your retirement savings, social security should be you top on your lines of defenses. This is because social security will help you get payment for the rest of your life. Furthermore, the payments are adjusted for inflation every year. If you qualify for social security, you can be sure that you will never run out of money. However, you have to adjust your standards of living to survive on social security payments. Since this is the only guaranteed income source for most retires, it is wise to increase the money you will get.

2. Annuity

Saving For Retirement

Saving For Retirement

Annuity allows you to hand over money to an insurance company so that you can be guaranteed of monthly payments for all the remaining days of your life. Annuities are generally expensive and you can’t pass the money you used to purchase an annuity to an heir. However, you will have a fairly predictable income even when the stock market takes a dive or even if you live for over 100 years provided the insurance company is still in business. Once you hand over your money to the insurance company, you can never get it back. The only thing you will get is your monthly payment.

3. Pension

If you are fortunate enough to get traditional pension fro your job, you have a guarantee of monthly income in your retirement days. Most pension plans for companies in the private sector are insured to ensure that retires receive their monthly payments if the company they were working for goes out of business. Today however, most companies with workers with the traditional pension plans are offering lump sum payouts. This leaves the task of managing the money to you. If you don’t manage the lump sum well or of you live longer than you expected, you will end up broke in you final years of life.

Live Your Retirement Years Without Worrying About Money

Live Your Retirement Years Without Worrying About Money

If you don’t want to suffer when you are old, the best thing you can do for yourself is not outliving your retirement benefits. If you live by your means, you will probably have enough money every month to serve your basic needs. Remember when you spend more than you should every month, you put yourself at risk of running out of funds in future.

Social Media Marketing And Advertisement

Social Media Marketing Has Been Come An Important Part Of Business

The battle between Google and Facebook has been on the rise for the past few years. As a result, advertisers have found themselves in difficult situations since they have not been able to identify the best platform to use in marketing their products and services. In reality, the process of creating a brand name comes with different advantages when compared to the advantages that accrue from advertising with Google.

Google Vs. Facebook – which is the best?

Ideally, marketing and advertising experts recommend the use of both Facebook and Google. This is because they share almost similar characteristics. However there are a few differences which will also count.


The common similarities that both advertisement platforms share include:

1) They have great potential audience

Advertise On Google Plus

Advertise On Google Plus

When you advertise using any of these options, rest assured that you will be able to reach millions of audience. Basically, Facebook and Google have massive followers. Provided that you use the correct procedures, your marketing campaigns will excel.

2) They offer paid advertising modes

Even though you will enjoy certain free online marketing tools e.g. fan pages and Google+ pages, you should understand that both options give paid advertising models. However, always bear in mind that the free online marketing tools that are provided by this options are great and equally rewarding like the paid ones.

From the above points, it is clear that the decision to use Facebook or Google do not depend on the effectiveness of each option. The decision lies on your side. You should clarify whether you are promoting the knowledge of your brand or selling a specific product.

What are their differences? Which is superior?

There are a few notable differences. These differences should influence your decision to use Facebook or Google. The main differences are:

1. Sessions- Duration of sessions

In reality, Facebook sessions last longer than those of Google. In that case, if you are trying to build brand awareness, Facebook should be your preferred choice. However, if you are carrying out a campaign that requires a short period of time, Google will be great.

2. Facebook facilitates the use of certain targeting positions e.g. created messages for fans.

Advertise On Facebook

Advertise On Facebook

Even though the differences tend to promote the use of Facebook, Google also offers great opportunities. It is a better choice for those who want to display their advertising, a factor that is attributed to its amazing CCP performance, its ad targeting features and great ad formats that cannot be enjoyed with Facebook. Google also offers remarketing, an advertisement option that is not possible with Facebook. This is the reason why it is advisable to try both marketing options. Each suits specific scenarios. Marketing experts have proposed and confirmed that both options are essential for successful marketing.